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Unending Chase

  • Jul 2021

Life is an unending chase

Life oh oh oh Life!!!

This life is beautiful, but everything seems to be chased after. 

How do you define chase: It is the ability to pursue, catch up with something or someone. Dictionary meaning

What then is a Relationship-chase; is the ability to pursue the right relationship in life to help you be on purpose and catch up with your reason for existing.

There are different types of relationship chases; we will talk about them in series. 

Spiritual chase: relationship with God, yourself, and people

Career chase: relationship with God, your passion, talent, and people

Financial chase: relationship with God, your treasures, and people 

Marital chase: involves relationships with God, your spouse, and people (children and externalities).

To be successful in all your pursuits, you have to have these listed things below.

*Relationship with each chase at the right time with the right attitude matters if you want to see growth

*Your chase must have the mandate to run with and write it plain on the wall. 

*The will and zeal and strength to chase until that chase is over, you got to pray for it. 

In all the pursuits, you will need to have good health spiritually and physically.

Stay with me as I talk about the spiritual chase in my next post. 

Thank you

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