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Time Currency

  • Apr 2021

Relationship currency is the currency you spend in all the relationships in your lifetime. Either relationship with self or with others or things. stated below is one of the currency you spend in any relationship;

Time currency: is one of the relationship currency which must be spent wisely because you get value for what you spend your time on. Focusing on Time Currency with self

Thinking 24hrs is not enough for me anymore but guess what I had to check my Time management. 

24hrs not enough is the statement people that do not have good time management make.  I have been there before and I know how to catch up during my rest time which is wrong to me. When your allotted time for rest is used for your catch up when you do rest I ask? 

With good time management, we should go through our daily activities well and having a balanced daily living from spiritual, physical, mental, work, self-growth, etc. 

When planing your time management schedule make sure it is SMART: 

You must be Specific: you must be sure of what you want to do at a certain time and period of the day. Clarity of what you want to do helps you plan your time rightly. Examples: I daily need to have time with God, husband, daughter, self, and others if I don't have proper time management I can't cover all these areas 

Measurable: making sure that the time allotted to the specific task must be enough to carry out that task. For example, I read 4 different books daily because I get tired of reading one book straight, so I decided to read 1 chapter of 4 different books within 4 hrs throughout the day. 1 chapter per hour. 

Alignment: time management must be in alignment with your capacity to carry out your task. 

You must Realistic to yourself: tell yourself the truth as It is important to create enough time for each task so you do not have to carry over to the next day. Having a carry over the next day means that time was not enough. If you can read 1 chapter of a book for 2 hours and you created 1hr for it, you are not being real. Your capacity is not level up to 1hr per chapter yet the only way you expand your capacity is by staying consistent in doing what you can do at the moment, get better at it and do it faster. 

Be Time-bound: let your allotted time be the time you should use to carry out your task. This attitude keeps you well disciplined. Your time is valued. Let your 1hour be 1hour don't choose a 2hrs:30mins movie when you have 1hr movie time. 

Be accountable for your time because it makes you reliable and respected.


Try this out, and see yourself ticking your daily doings out like a boss that you're. 



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  1. Abestman
    10 11, Apr 11,2021

    So nice! Thanks for sharing.

    04 54, Apr 11,2021

    Well said ma'am. Time management is key. I would try to be more disciplined with my time as I am still struggling in that area

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