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Support system Currency

  • Apr 2021

When you feel down, and broken how do you hope to live again? There are 2 ways I think people can be revived and be encouraged to live again. To live again, you have to learn to lean on your spiritual support system and your physical support system.

Before we go far, what is a support system; a support system is a system or people put in place to support or hold you up when you are down or not up to the task.  

I have tested these 2 perspectives I'm sharing with you today; 

* Spiritual Support system; Connect with your inner spirit and your creator God.

This is a place where you express your grief and true feeling of the situation in the presence of God. According to the living bible in Psalm 50 vs 15 "Call upon the Lord in the day of trouble; the Lord will deliver you, and you shall honor the Lord in returns."

when you in this atmosphere be sure to follow this step for results

S: when expressing yourself make sure you Say it as it is; express why and what made you feel this way, how you feel

M: Mean what you say and feel; be true to yourself. 

A: Ask for help in the presence of God and the sight of man. 

R: Relax; be peaceful and faithful it is settled

T: Thanksgiving and write your good news on the Tablet

* Physical Support System; Connect with your physical support system which could be a family member and close friends.

Having a support system is to help you find a reason to live again. These are the people that we will cry with you, pray and encourage always. They will always be by your side.  

The support system currency is one of the currencies spent in a relationship, in other for you to get the value of this currency you ought to have enough deposit for your withdrawal when necessary.  what do I mean by this; is you have to maintain a stable relationship with your support system. How do you maintain a stable relationship with your spiritual support system; by meditation in God's word, maintaining a physical support system is by keeping in touch and keeping them in the loop of yourself.  


Thanks for reading.

I  would love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below on how you have lived again when broken or feel down?

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