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Standard Currency Note

  • May 2021

Standard Currency note: 


What standard does your relationship live by? 

Firstly let us define what Standard means: going by the dictionary it is a level of quality or attainment


Hey, guy, it is very important to know the standard your relationship is base on, I mean the foundation of your relationship or what your relationship is founded on. so when some relationship is failing or falling by the roadside you don't use it as a yardstick to yours because your relationship foundation or basement is different. 


It might look like I'm ranting but let's dive into it. Bill and Melinda Gates announce their 27 years marriage breakup and all I hear is if these two people can break up, what is the essence of marriage. I think people are looking at the longevity of the relationship instead of how well not how far


Firstly I need to correct some notions 

Is Bill and Melinda Gates's marriage relationship a yardstick for marriage to me *No*  because they are not the marriage founder. Bill Gates is the co-founder of Microsoft Corporation, not Marriage Cooperative *God* is the Founder of  Marriage institute, not a co-founder let that sink in for some seconds. 

Or was it Jesus and Church that broke up after thousands of years if not every other standard is a counterfeit 


Christ and the Church is my relationship standard currency note, what Christ did I pray for the grace to do more. 

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