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Relationship Currency

  • Aug 2020

Relationship Currency.  


What is a currency:  currency is a money system that is generally accepted as a medium of exchange.  To each country, Her own currency. 


Let your talk Attract an Attention that will birth an Interaction that produces one of the ….ships needed in life such as partnership, leadership, friendship, courtship, companionship, etc. the talk is the  Relationship Currency that is acceptable globally amongst all. 


Talking is the foundation of any relationship, it is also a token to the best currency that should be spent, Relationship Currency

No Talk, No communication 

No Talk, No interaction 

No Talk, No connection 

No Talk, No Me

No Talk, No You

No Talk, No Relationship, (No friendship, No Companionship, No Partnership, No .......Ships). 

 Let’s look at how different relationships all started. It all started with an act of talking, Boyfriend and Girlfriend relationship, Business to Business relationship, Business to Consumer relationship, Intercountry relationship, etc.

What makes people comparable to you, that you have commonalities, that you enjoy their company, and they can be any of the ….Ships to you is communication. Communication is the advanced level of talking. 

Let’s talk and get the best out of the …... Ships you can think of. I will advise us to spend the best currency ever which is Relationship Currency. If used appropriately, the value is obvious. Relationship currency also gives you access to relationships you don’t currently have.

To us all, Relationship Currency is globally acceptable, let’s spend it wisely. 


Walky Talky. Let’s talk about #relationshipCurrency#


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  1. Ayotunde
    07 30, Aug 18,2020


    09 44, Aug 20,2020

    Very insightful and innovative post, pls do keep it up!

    07 59, Oct 20,2021

    Enjoyed this! Good job 🤩

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