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Language Currency Note

  • May 2021

Language Currency Note

Hmmm, language language language currency!!! 

Yes, it is all about language currency today. Language currency is one of the most important currencies you spend in a relationship without this currency there won't be a system of communication in any relationship. So how do we define language currency note:  it is the communication medium use in a relationship to understand one another simply and clearly. 

Ask yourself this question are you using the right language in all the relationships you find yourself? To use the right language in a relationship, you have to define the relationship you are in first, and there are different types of relationships examples are a business partnership, school friend relationship, Love relationship, etc...

Let's look at a love relationship; you have to speak the right love language to partner for you to be understood, else there won't be effective communication in the relationship, resulting in conflict.

There are 5 love languages according to Gary Chapman 

Words of Affirmation - Saying the right word to support your partner. 

Acts of Service - Doing helpful things for your partner. 

Receiving Gifts - Giving your partner gifts that tell them you cared about them.

Quality Time - Spending meaningful time with your partner without disruption.

Physical Touch - Being close to and caressed by your partner.

The most important thing about using the right language in the right relationship is to aid understanding and to build a long-lasting relationship. Every relationship has its language, learn it, master it, and use it rightly. 


I'm still learning too because you meet people every day.

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