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I'm Fearless

  • Jul 2021

I'm fearless because I have God and his word and HolySpirit

Yes, I can hear you say, is it that simple? Yes, it is. Life no hard, not because life is not hard but because someone has promised to cheer me up, that he has conquered it all for me (Jesus Christ, my conqueror). 

Things I do when I am faced with any challenge 

I grief about it 
I tell God like I usually tell my mum about stuff that hurts me
I tell my husband ( two heads are better than one) and trusted friends 
Meditate on what God's word says about that challenge
I exercise my faith 
I say to myself that this too shall pass, and I will overcome. 


I do this because I choose God's word (Knowledge) over other perspectives. 

Be fearless if you want to fly like an Eagle. 

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