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With immense pleasure, thank you all for joining me here today at Ayodailytalks for your daily dosage of encouragement and word of inspiration to motivate the spread of Light, Love and Smile around your world. Ayodailytalks can share the words but it’s yours to read it like you mean it to lighten up your day. Everyday is worth living. One day at a time.

About Ayo

I'm the kind of girl that talks herself into her dream and anything she wantsand brings it into reality with the help of God first and hard work. I love to read and write words of encouragement because it has helped me believe in myself and do more for myself. And as a people person I love to share them with you here so that we can connect together and talk. (You’re not alone). I believe in wealth creation, innovation, empowerment.

Ayodailytalks Mantra

I believe in God the creator of heaven and the earth, in his creation of me he has given me a dream and with his help I daily walk towards my dreams for I know he will make my dream happen in due time. With the help of the Holy Spirit I receive inspiration everywhere I go to pursue my dream accordingly. For I stand for something that is bigger than me which is the Love of Christ; help me with the Holy Spirit to love my dream and pursue it, and to love people rightly( my husband, children, siblings, parents, in-laws, friends, and people etc.). I know I’m wonderfully and beautifully made therefore I speak to my beauty from the inside to resonate with the outside world because life is beautiful.

About: Ayodailytalks

it is a blog designed to share ideas of hope, passion, and encouragement for daily living. We believe that we all need to be inspired and motivated to keep us moving till we are self-actualized.
I dedicate this blog to all the youth and every being out there thinking life is not worth living. It’s your life make it worth living. And to the body and spirit out there that is broken. It's high time you rise-up and beautify your pieces into your real identity by talking yourself into your dream. A word of encouragement can inspire and motivate you to keep believing in yourself. (you can’t give up now, not now, not tomorrow nor forever).